Film Location Tours

Holidays in the UK are pretty versatile, you can be chancing things with the weather but there are huge options available for people travelling here or for people that just want to explore more of where they live.

One of the more popular excursion options currently around the UK is for people to enjoy is exploring filming locations for popular movies and TV shows.

There is nothing like getting a good photo of yourself in an easily recognisable filming location to pledge allegiance to your favourite films.

The most popular film location tour in the UK at the moment is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. For those that don’t know, this is the Harry Potter tour and is a must for any fans of J.K. Rowling’s books or the movies.

The tour takes you through the grand hall and shows you props and costumes that were worn in the movies. You can visit the houses of Privet Drive and get your photo taken at the night bus. You can also enjoy a butter beer before checking out the gift shop where you can get everything a Harry Potter buff would need.

The studio is located around 20 miles north west of London and is easily accessible by car. If you are getting a train it will only take around 20 minutes and you can catch the shuttle bus to the studio from the station.

You can also see some other locations from Harry Potter films around central London so taking a look online and getting the exact locations before you set off will probably save you a bit of time.

Another popular tourist choice is to visit some of the locations used in Game of Thrones. Scotland and Northern Ireland have a number of great locations which will be perfect for anyone that can’t get enough of the fantastic storylines.

If you are a fan of cult cinema then you might want to search for locations that featured in the controversial Clockwork Orange movie. A lot of the scenes were filmed on location in and around London. The same can be said for Quadrophenia with London and Brighton both having some locations that fans will want to visit.

There are great resources online to find film locations in the UK and around the world should you wish to explore behind the scenes of some of your favourite films or TV shows.

It is worth noting that some locations appearance may have changed dramatically and some might have even vanished so checking online will often help you find tips and advice for either finding them or finding out they are no longer there.

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